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Evil Regal. Swan Queener. Devoted to: Regina Mills (always & forever) Maleficent, Miranda Priestley, Minerva McGongall, Sarah Jane Smith, Rachel Mason, Ursula, Elphaba. Ramblings, scribbles & fandom appreciation.

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  3. Maggie was like the anchor of a ship. I mean, she is so solid it’s frightening. I learned from her, too. See, my mother was 95 when she died. But up to 94, she was as spry as could be. So I had a very spry Mathilde in mind. But Maggie very quickly said, “My friends would laugh at me if I do that. That’s too much.” Because she’s 79 and she was playing 92. She more than anything else taught me to anchor [Mathilde] in the chair. As soon as that happened, I could see how happy that made Michel Amathieu, who’s just an amazing DP. He said, “If you do that, if she’s really anchored in that spot, then we can do angles in this room that will be really, really interesting.”  - Israel Horovitz, Director of My Old Lady (x)

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    "That’s all."

    The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

    on her death bed waving everyone away :”that’s all.”

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  7. Black really is her color.

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    [mostly because I’m following Freefall, it got me thinking, and I had to get the visuals out of my head]

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3.19 | a curious thing


    3.19 | a curious thing

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  15. Runway is a fashion magazine, so an interest in fashion is crucial.

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